Till 2019 it was all about travel in style while now, 2021 it’s all about staying at home, wearing something cozy but still looking cute & stylish. Especially working from home for over half a year now. I feel like I needed to create my little morning routine and I definitely needed to have the feeling of “getting ready” for work.

No balance

To be honest, at the beginning it was quite hard for me to find a balance between wearing something nice but also comfy. As I was staying at home all day working, I didn’t want to wear a blouse just because I had a few business calls. With not really putting on makeup I felt like I started to lose motivation for a lot of things. Which is totally fine because it was or still is a time which none of us is used to and also quite a hard time – to be honest.

So I was totally fine with taking my time to adjust and slowly getting my motivation back. For me the most difficult part was, to make a cut. To make a cut between work and free time. Make a cut between week days and weekends. I found it hard to create a cut between working in my apartment but also finding a way to relax after a long day of work in the same room.

Red wine & Clubhouse

This is why I needed to find a way to make it more attentional. I needed to create my morning routine, where I still use all of my favorite beauty products, where I still put on my parfum and where I wear something cozy but nice enough if I have business calls.

But I also needed to create a after work routine. Where I put away my computer, mute my work phone, open the windows to let fresh air in, light up a nice scented candle and enjoy my evening. Sometimes I pour myself a nice glass of red wine and turn on a podcast, clubhouse or a series on Netflix or Prime. This are all little things that I do day by day, but I feel like they really help me to create this needed cut.

The perfect loungewear

With getting ready in the morning it also meant to get dress and this was quite challenging. I wanted to wear something super comfy – because I was at home all day – but also nice enough to take business calls while looking put together on videos. So I started the search. For me it was very important to find loungewear that I am able to wear for any occasion. Traveling, working from home, going out to get a few groceries, going for walks but as I said, nice enough for business video calls.

As I already have a few different home wear pieces at home, I also wanted to find something that I was able to pair with the things I have at home, in good quality but also comfortable. I looked up a few brands and found one that I really liked, as they exactly matched all my needs or let’s say all the requirements I had for my new loungewear. 

It’s a match

It was love at first sight. The brand I found and ordered my loungewear from is called Juvia. Juvia was created in 2013 Germany and since then, they expand in over 500 shops and their pieces are available in over 10 countries. They have trendy fashion items such as sweaters, good looking sweatpants, jumpsuits, etc. that can mix and match throughout the whole collection.

Each piece is soft, cozy but what I like about it most is, that their clean cuts and the high quality give the look a luxurious touch. I totally fell in love with the dragon collection as I am a huge fan of natural, soft and earthy tones when it comes to loungewear.

If you are also trying to find a high quality set that you can wear or use for multiple occasions, than I can totally recommend checking out the mix and match collection by Juvia. I also linked you my ordered set, so that you can easily shop it. 

Modal-Jersey-Sweatpants in espresso melange

Modal-Jersey-Longsleeve in espresso melange

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